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Gretchen Schock, the owner of Bee Yoga Fusion, takes great pride in offering a place where all people feel welcome regardless of age, size, experience, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation. She is intentional about bringing quality instructors and an assorted offering of classes while keeping the customer service a very high priority. The intimate setting of the studio combined with the each instructor's personalized approach to teaching classes makes being a part of the Bee Yoga Fusion community a place where you will feel comfortable and connected to others.

You deserve to thrive, not just survive.

At Bee Yoga Fusion, we are passionate about empowering people to discover their unique path to mind & body wellness. In-person classes and virtual classes on Zoom are available. Located in Prince Georges County, MD providing vinyasa and yin yoga, pilates and strength training classes to the residents of Greenbelt, College Park, Berwyn Heights, Bowie, and New Carrolton. Private sessions for personal training, health and life coaching and massage are available upon request. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

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You can write some interesting information about your services & offerings here. Easily change the heading, add a subheading, and choose from a large library of icon options to customize this section.


You can write some interesting information about your services & offerings here. Easily change the heading, add a subheading, and choose from a large library of icon options to customize this section.

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Members can use their credits for in-studio classes or virtual. The membership month begins when you sign up and will renew on that day as well, the start day is unique to you!

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I can’t say enough about Gretchen’s studio. I’ve belonged to several studios in the DC/Maryland/Virgina area and Bee Yoga Fusion is, by far, my favorite. The friendly, welcoming environment creates a lovely community and the classes are challenging and invigorating but appropriate for yogis of every level. I started taking classes there while pregnant and enjoyed my time there throughout my pregnancy. Now I’m having fun challenging myself and regaining my strength postpartum.
Highly recommend!


After deciding that I needed a new hobby, I thought maybe I’d give yoga a try. I decided to give Bee Yoga a try being as though it wasn’t too far from where I live. I am so glad I did! Gretchen is an amazing instructor!!! You can tell she truly enjoys teaching yoga. Gretchen explains that Yoga isn’t about posing and moving but more about self-acceptance and self-confidence. She is very encouraging, attentive, motivating, and knowledgeable.

I am so glad I found my new true love (yoga). Gretchen made the experience that much more enjoyable. I already booked more classes online!!!! Can’t wait for my next visit.

Gretchen is a gifted teacher, with clear instruction, elegant sequencing, and great variety from class to class. What I like best, though, is the warm, inclusive community she creates every day, in every class–regardless of whether students already know each other. She’s great at getting people chatting and laughing together before and after class. And when it’s time to get down to yoga, she’s all business, completely focused. I leave class feeling centered, relaxed, and happy.


This is the best yoga studio. I’ve started as an absolute beginner and have been going for nearly three years. Gretchen’s clear instructions took me from having no idea of how to use my body to be comfortable in challenging poses. And it’s a totally judgment-free zone! Old and young, fit and unfit, yoga clothes and tracksuits, everybody gets together to enjoy Gretchen’s classes. Gretchen knows how to teach yoga and connect with people.


I’ve been to a number of yoga studios and have practiced yoga on and off for some time. I had a great experience at BYF. While the studio is small- Gretchen has designated where students should place their mats- so you have plenty of room. It’s also nicely decorated and has big windows. The vinyasa flow class was excellent. Gretchen keeps the poses interesting- it doesn’t consist of endless rounds of sun salutations, which a lot of other instructors depend on to fill class time. Make sure you reserve ahead of time and arrive early so you don’t disturb the class.


I came for basic yoga after trying the LA fitness and yogaworks.  Not very conducive to a real beginner.  Gretchen at BeeYoga does a wonderful job breaking  down the poses and unlike the other places, she actually finds out health issues that may impact her students practice.  She does a great job tailoring her basic yoga class to the challenges whether it is hip problems or carpal tunnel.  I haven’t found a basic yoga class that comes close to Gretchen’s.


Bee Yoga Fusion (BYF) is my first exposure to practicing yoga in a real yoga studio. I had tried yoga a few times before, but always in a crowded gymnasium room with limited instruction. I left these classes feeling confused and decided that yoga was not for me. Earlier this year, I decided to try giving yoga another chance and signed up for an all-levels Community Yoga class at BYF. Attending that first yoga class at Gretchen’s studio has shifted how I view yoga. Rather than being afraid to roll out my mat (because I have no idea what I’m doing), I look forward to each class because Gretchen provides verbal instruction that really helps me understand how to get into the poses. BYF is a small space, which allows Gretchen to give individual corrections on poses and allows her to gauge the room to offer modifications according to ability levels in each class. Now, rather than feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing, I feel like a student who is learning how to improve my yoga practice. More importantly, I’m not afraid that I will injure myself because Gretchen keeps a close eye on everyone. Finally, a note about Gretchen’s character. Gretchen is more than a great instructor; she’s welcoming, funny, honest, open, and maybe a little raw, in that you feel that wherever Gretchen is on her journey, she’s sharing it with her yoga practice. Come try a class; you won’t be sorry.


I can’t say enough good things about Bee Yoga Fusion and about Gretchen.  Gretchen’s classes are always different, always challenging, and yet somehow always relaxing and centering.  She manages in each class to pull off a minor miracle: a fast pace so you get your cardio in, but also mindfulness.  You don’t zone out, you hone in, focusing on your body, breathing through each moment, which then leads to a shavasana that brings clarity.  I don’t make any major decision without one of Gretchen’s yoga classes first.  And the environment she creates is amazing.  No yoga pretension, no judgments.  Taking our cue from her, we drop our egos at the door and simply get down to our own work, supporting one another and finding strength in ourselves.  Come!  It will change your body, but, more importantly, it will change your life.


This yoga studio has changed my life! I want to emphasize how this is different than any other yoga studios like Core Power or Yoga District. Gretchen and all of our students are like family – she knows each of us by our faces. She knew my name/face from day 1 without any effort of interacting with her one on one. This is not a place where you wear flashy outfits and show off yourself. Her practice reinforces on self awareness and surrendering ourselves to the world.
Since April, I have been going 2-3 times a week, and without any other workout routines, I have lost 10 lbs and become toned. I feel confident and lighter, and the yoga practice has definitely brought a joy to my daily routine! HIGHLY RECOMMEND


Gretchen was welcoming and her personality definitely added to the vibe of the class. She kept the pace of the hour long class while being attentive to everyone’s form. She also took time after class to open the floor for questions.


Very good yoga classes. I can’t wait to have a schedule that allows me to take them again.   I’m in the fitness business and I was actually challenge, at least on the balance aspect.


Gretchen’s classes help you build strength (mental and physical), coordination, balance (mental and physical), and emotional resilience. She guides you through the asanas with precision and care and is a first-rate teacher –enabling you to gain the benefit of the practice, whatever your experience level. Every class is different, challenging, and fun. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their mental and/or physical health. It’s a joy!


This is a fabulous class for anyone who would like to work on strength training, mental tenacity and balance. Gretchen brings passion and mindfulness into this flow style yoga experience. Her dance background gives the class a unique twist and although she pushes you both physically and mentally, you forget how hard you’re working because it’s FUN. Every class is unique.


I’ve done yoga off and on for 20 years, and Gretchen is the best teacher I’ve ever had. The yoga is varied, new, and challenging (but she is good at giving variations for skill levels). Plus, she is warm and personable. I felt at home in her class right away.


Gretchen is a great yoga instructor. She works you hard but also gives to tips to ease into the poses if you are a novice, such as myself. She is funny, encouraging, and perceptive to her students’ needs. Her classes are accessible for both novice and advanced yoga students.


To breathe. To take time for yourself. To make time for me on the mat. To move and flow and close my eyes and let the rest of the world slip away. This yoga class is where it’s at! I can’t even explain how excited I was when I realized that there was an affordable, hour-long, local yoga class! Gretchen is an amazing instructor. She takes the time to explain the poses, all the while keeping the flow going. Each class has a different focus, introduces new poses and sequences – something I really like because I feel centered and refreshed after every class. Totally worth every minute. I just wish I could take her classes every night!


I love this yoga class because Gretchen makes yoga accessible for everyone! When I’m feeling out of shape, this class jump starts me again into healthy living and continues to challenge me as I get stronger. I also value the focus Gretchen puts on making yoga a daily practice from tree pose when I’m doing dishes to boat pose during commercial breaks. This is a fun class led by an amazing instructor and since class is different every week I never get bored. Join Gretchen on the mat, you won’t be disappointed.


Thank you SO SO much for these classes and your spirit of honesty and caring and presence.  I really value you and what you give.  I know it’s been a rough year. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you.


Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful class! I had so much fun and I felt the burn the next day. I participated in the small group personal training classes pre-pandemic, and I had missed them dearly over the past (almost) two years! I think these classes do wonders for my physical and mental health, so when I saw that you had announced they were returning, I counted the days until I could book my spot in the first class.


BYF is a home away from home for those moments when you just need to take time for you. You’ll laugh, make friends, sweat, and do hard things together. Gretchen Schock and her team of instructors are amazing!


The class was excellent. It was a good workout! Last year I worked with a trainer who had me lifting weights and using weight machines. I stopped because I felt like it was too much and too strenuous. Your class worked the same muscles and in a safer manner. I run weekly and am under a great deal of stress, the routine provided good stretches and release of muscles. I plan to continue with the class.